CWe live in a water front home on Vashon Island located in Puget Sound.  The Island is midway between Seattle and Tacoma in the state of Washington.  To get to our house from the mainland requires a trip on a Washington State Ferry.  While we're only about two miles away from the major urban centers of the state, our island hideaway is stil very rural and has a feeling of small town America.

A number of years ago, I started carving the folk art santas that our small hobby business was originally named forl  It was my wife Candys' idea that I needed a hobby. Like most hobbies, ours has grown and evolved.  Today we do a wide array of collectible folk art carvings.  All of the wood we use is recycled from old growth western red cedar logs.  The logs were originally cut 50 to 100 years ago for flotation pieces in old rafts and floating docks on Puget Sound.  The age of the logs we are using to make our carvings are at least a minimum of 1000 years up to and exceeding 2500 years.  Little or no old growth cedar is being cut todayl  Only 5% remains of the original stands found in the State of Washington at the turn of the century.  Western Red Cedar was the wood northwest natives made their dugout canoes and their long houses from.  They used the tree bark to make baskets and ropes. 
The old logs and pieces of same that we use come drifting by our home during winter storms.  They appear on the surface to be rotting away but when cut open, they yield beautiful old growth wood.  I hand split the logs into boards using a froe, the same tool the pioneers used to make cedar shakes for siding and roofing material..  My wife is the primary designer and painter of the pieces.

We wish you fair winds and calm seas.

Jerry and Candy Long